Three Steps to Being a Better Machine

It is easy to let the important things in life not give them the attention they deserve. And the single most important thing in life is you. But most of us do not take as good care of ourselves as we should...we let it slide.

But the genesis of all our success is our ability to float above the chaos that is life on a daily surf the waves of fortune good and bad and keep our head above the water. And to do that, to do that at your peak capacity, requires that you take care of your physical self.

When you do that, that is, when you fail to adequately care for the machine, you suffer and so will the results you achieve. You are a biological machine. Leaving aside the discussion of soul and divinity, you are this amazing and complex machine with all these moving parts that work in harmony to get you through your day, day after day. Amazing, really!

But like all machines, you the machine, requires a certain amount of daily and on-going maintenance. Most of us are not so good about being good to the machine.

We eat junk food, drink alcohol, don´t get enough exercise or quiet time, and fail to sleep enough regularly. And you might think you are getting away with it. I mean, after all, you are functioning, right?

Well, the truth is, if the machine is not in an optimal state, you could be doing better. In particular, clarity of thought and decision making suffer.

Here are three things you can do to move towards becoming a more productive, well-oiled machine:

1. Take a walk, alone, daily or at least every other day, outside and in nature, if possible.

2. Go to sleep early and wake up early. In most cases, all that happens in the later hours of the evening is TV. TV is bad for you, it is bad for the machine. And our thinking at night is not as good as it might be. Most of us think best in the morning after we have been awake for a while and after a good night´s sleep: Develop a sleep routine and schedule and stick to it. By doing so, your body will adjust and sleep will come easier and be deeper.

3. Eat less. And simply refuse to eat anything two hours before you plan to go to sleep. Try to plan your meals to the extent that you do not have to resort to fast food and cut back on sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and other dietary stimulants and fats, as well.

Look, this is all stuff you know, just like you know you need to avoid debt and save more of the money you earn -- but common sense is not common practice! And we all slip up from time to time or regularly fail to adhere to the fundamentals. So keep it simple and keep just those three steps in mind, like a mantra. It will do wonders for you -- the machine!

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